I do commissions. Pictures for money.

Here is a long list of stuff to consider before you email me:

-I am willing to draw almost anything, except overly gory stuff, pornographic content or way too complex scenery.

-I count my prices on 15 euros an hour. Generally pics I do are around 3-6 hours, so 45-90 euros (roughly 65-130 USD).

-You can give very specific descriptions or not (please mention which you want) and can pick specific styles, colors or... something. Commonly people send me a description or a picture of a exsisting character that I then draw.

-The price is based on the time I think the picture will take and that depends on complexity, style and the amount of detail you want. Usually I don't count sketching or experimentation into that. If the picture ends up taking longer than I told you, you won't be charged more.

-I will send you a quick sketch before starting to color or detail and you will pay me once you approve of the colored sketch.

-I generally can't quarantee fast delivery on these, because I don't know what else might come up.

-All pictures will be digital.

-I am not willing to take on any longer projects (large number of pictures) or contractual work.

-Payment through paypal.

Emails to

Also I absolutely suck at replying e-mails (I really wish I could have an assistant), try to bug me more if you don't get a reply.

And feel free to e-mail me any questions, I can give you very detailed quotes on price before you even have to decide if you want it or not.

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