Lines in the Sand

Lines in the sand is a short animation done as a summer project for school. It is based on a small comic I drew earlier, which you can read here. The project was mostly created within 2 months, but due to various reasons wasn't finished before long after. There was a total of 9 people involved in this project.

What I did specifically:

I acted as the team leader, director, concept artist and character artist on this project. I also did some misc 3d work where needed.

I didn't animate anything besides some camera movements on this project.

I made and rigged the characters in roughly 2 weeks. We used Character Animation Tool rigs which saved alot of time. Texture work was done in Adobe Photoshop, and since the school did not have any high-poly modelling programs such as zbrush, the displacement map for the folds on the suit was also created in photoshop. Due to time restraints I had to remove/skip some of the details I had planned, but the characters came out looking decent enough and served their purpose.

Some other concepts

Moon Truck Concept Moon Station Concept Moon Early Storyboard

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